Working with me

All Art Psychotherapist will bring a slightly different mix of skills to their practice. I have outlined how I work on this page so that you have an understanding of my basic philosophies.

I come with a person-centred approach believing that the individual has the tools within them to heal the hurt they are currently feeling and that with respect and acceptance they can find a more fulfilling way of being. I also bring the understanding that we are all part of the family and society in which we live and it is therefore important to consider the impact that these systems may be having on us.  This means that when working with children and young people I may well ask that a parent or carer attends some sessions with the young person or child.  By working dyadically in this way both individuals will have a deeper understanding of each other and the parent or carer will be better able to support the work that has been undertaken.

I also believe that it is helpful for clients to understand a little of how their brain may be catching them out and so will often share some psycho-education.  Understanding what is happening can sometimes be the key to addressing emotions and feelings and processing them cognitively.

If you decide that you would like to consider working with me we would start with an initial assessment session to learn more about each other and think together about whether using art materials will be a helpful way to access feelings and emotions. After this meeting we can then decide whether this is the most appropriate therapy for you.

So, what happens in an Art Therapy session?  We start with a check in to see how you are.  Then we move on to the art making.  You will have a variety of media available to you.  Some clients like to work silently, some to talk.  During this time we may consider the images and explore their stories . A session often concludes with  a reflection about how the process has been for you. We will be able to think together about anything that the session has raised.

If you would like to explore anything further about how I practice please contact me.